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Looking For  A Loft Conversion In Bath?

Acquire quotes from Bath loft conversion professionals quickly and easily. Your Bath Attic can be the solution to more living space, office, bedroom or games room. A carefully designed loft can substantially increase the value of your property in Bath.

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The county location of Bath is Somerset. It is named after the famous Roman Baths situated in the centre of this beautiful historic city. These have been a World Heritage site in 1987.

Walcot, Lower Weston, Bear Flat, Larkhall, Bathford, Twerton, Whiteway, Southdown, Perrymead, Combe Down, Batheaston, Upper Weston

BA1, BA2

loft conversions Bath

Builders and joiners located within Bath will contact you to arrange a price based on a site survey. You can then consider which Bath loft conversion firm you wish to do business with.

This loft home improvement network covers most local Bath areas including building firms and carpenters.

  • Professional high quality loft alterations in Bath
  • Create a new living space within your attic or loft
  • Give a price for your Bath loft space Project
  • Loft improvements in Bath replacement beams, floors, steps, windows, hatches and electrical work
  • Structure and strengthening work in Bath
  • Are registered as trading as a attic alteration professional or builder
  • No "non trade" Bath home improvement individuals are allowed to quote
  • Find the cost of your dream conversion small or large
  • Removal of old wood, glass and rubble in Bath is normally part of the quote
  • Cost of any essential planning permission or other building regulations if needed
  • Office Loft Conversion Company Bath
  • Extra Bedroom Loft Conversion Bath
  • Roof Light Conversion Options in Bath
  • Mansard Conversion Bath
  • Office Attic Alterations Bath
  • Create Extra Living Space
  • Hip To Gable Conversion Bath
  • Full Dormer Loft Conversions Bath
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Bath Attic Alteration Quotes: Find The Costs!

Any conversion to your loft space should be seen as a major renovation project. It will increase the value of your property in Bath and can be an excellent way to create more living space.

There are some main factors to consider before you start:

  • Are you converting a Bath in somerset house with an existing roof space?
  • Will there be enough space for the staircase?
  • Has it any historical interest being in Bath?
  • How does it connect to other parts of the building?
  • If there is a need for structural reinforcement, how much will this cost?
  • Is there enough power for more sockets or air conditioning units in the loft area?
  • Do you have any concerns about noise from neighbours or the BA1, BA2 post code, Bath street below?
  • Is this an older Bath Edwardian or Victorian property needing a bespoke loft conversion?

The basic process of converting a Bath City loft space can take anywhere from one day up until a few weeks, depending on how much work is being done and the scope of it. The extent of work depends on if there is already some sort of flooring or not, if there are walls and windows, etcetera. A basic or small loft conversion for storage only, should be quicker with your chosen Bath firm.

3D technology has been used by certain Bath contractors for many years now and it is becoming increasingly popular. Where possible, with 3D scanning, Bath architects can explore spaces like never before, helping them with design and layout of the building before any construction work begins. This means that you can have an accurate idea of what your Bath attic conversion will look like before you spend any money on it!

Designers might be able to come up with some great conversion plans for a Bath full loft design but lack the knowledge about how the local building regulations apply. A good Bath designer will also take into account any limitations that are imposed by their client’s budget. Or challenges such as a low roof extension and presenting a leading loft conversion quote. They should know when it is appropriate to negotiate pricing and when not to.

A project that takes place between two Bath semi-detached houses, with one side of the building being shared by both properties. This type of Bath semi-detached 2, 3 or 4 bedroom loft conversion may be more complicated than a detached house because you will need to work around your somerset neighbour's living space, of course it needs to be a permitted development.

Bungalow loft alterations are a very popular type of home improvement. Compared to a traditional Bath 2 storey home, bungalows usually come with nice high ceilings, a larger open space floor area, which give more options for Velux window conversion and different designs. Hip to Gable conversions for a Bath bungalow are also popular.

A Bath terraced house can be converted into a loft to make more space, usually means adding dormer windows, higher ceilings and putting in new floors. A dormer loft conversion for a terraced somerset house (especially Victorian) will need to be designed taking your Bath neighbours into account, with possible builders access from the front or rear.

Any costs are based on quality of finish, design and other other extra requirements such as bedroom with en-suite, partition walls, 2 rooms, extra bedrooms, roof extension etc. Other considerations are ease of access, weather, timescales, local Bath planning permission and design costs. So choosing the right Bath loft conversion company is very important so getting several quotes is the key.

Example Bath Streets

  • Axbridge Road
  • Beechwood Road
  • Belmont Road
  • Bradford Park
  • Bradford Road
  • Bramble Way
  • Brassknocker Hill
  • Byfield
  • Chedworth Close
  • Church Road
  • Claverton Down Road
  • Claverton Drive
  • Cleevedale Road
  • Combe Road
  • Down Avenue
  • Drake Avenue
  • Entry Hill
  • Exmoor Road
  • Farrs Lane
  • Flatwoods Road
    • Foxhill
    • Gladstone Road
    • Greendown Place
    • Hadley Road
    • Hansford Mews
    • Hawthorn Grove
    • Hazleton Gardens
    • Horsecombe Brow
    • Horsecombe Grove
    • Kewstoke Road
    • Meare Road
    • Midford Road
    • North Road
    • Oakhill Road
    • Paddock Woods
    • Pioneer Avenue
    • Porlock Road
    • Priory Close
    • Quantocks
    • Quarrymans Court
    • Queens Drive
    • Ralph Allen Drive
    • Rock Hall Lane
    • Rock Lane
    • Sedgemoor Road
    • Shaft Road
    • Southstoke Road
    • St Winifreds Drive
    • Stonehouse Close
    • Stonehouse Lane
    • Summer Lane
    • The Avenue
    • The Brow
    • The Firs
    • The Paddocks
    • Trinity Road
    • Tyning Road
    • Westerleigh Road
    • Willianstowe

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