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Loft Conversions

A perfect way to obtain more space is by a loft conversion. Also with a toilet or home office, there might be space for one or two additional bedrooms.

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Firquote can help you find the right professional for the job to cover aspects of the project from roofing, floorboards, structure electrics, windows and stairs. 
Of course the planning and design is just as critical, making sure all local regulations are abide to. 
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Your Loft Conversion Is Personal To You

No loft conversion is the same, every home owner has their own dream to what the space is to be used for, the specifications of the project and the quality finish.

Only by viewing, designing and costing the project can a real quote be given, in time as well as cost. Use the button below get a professional price for your dream project. 
Any loft conversion can consist of adding loft flooring to a fully pledge building project with walls, windows, electric and plumbing work. But before any of this can be planned or delivered, a decision to whether the roof space is suitable to be converted needs to be established.
A great guide to helping with your decision can be found at Which.

What Height Is The Current Roof?

There are different types of roofs, so minimum height of roof can be as low as 2.2m, but some types of roofs may need 2.6m height.

Measuring this first may save time, for any future quote, rather than being told this by the joiner or architect. A height lower than this may not mean the loft conversion cannot be done but may suggest more building work may be having to be done to create the extra space. For example, a dormer loft conversion, can be built on to the rear of your property to increase head height.

Dormer Loft Conversions

These can be the full length of your building or only part length. If the roof slants at the side, then a side dormer could also be an option. More complex options include an L shaped dormer or hip to gable.
Mansard Conversions
This involves building up one of the side walls of the house so that a sloped roof becomes a flat roof. This obviously involves a considerable amount of building work.
small dormer loft conversion

Creating light Within Your Loft Space

Adding roof lights (not the electric ones). This involves adding windows into your roof to allow light in. Taking away roof tiles and replacing with a window frame. Velux is a well know brand for these types of windows.
Electrical lights, require extra wiring extending form the existing system. The good news is that many modern homes already have wiring running through the loft for the lights. However, this wiring often runs over the rafters and may need to be re-routed.

Electrical Work

For most loft conversions, the lights are not enough, electric sockets will need to be fitted. This wiring normally would need to be brought up from the floor below or maybe even the fuse box, or main feed. Of course, only a qualified electrician should be doing this work. How many sockets and power level you need, would have a bearing on the quote.

Plumbing and Heating

Adding extra radiators to give warmth during the winter months may be an essential requirement. The work involving adding radiators would depend on the heating system already installed, either with traditional type boilers or a combi one.
Removing water tanks within the loft space
Gravity fed water and heating systems require headers tanks in the loft, set at a height that delivers enough pressure to the water system. To maximise the loft space, there may be instances where these tanks need to be moved to a different location within the loft space or removed altogether with a different type of heating system. Such as using a combi boiler.

Of course, this all goes to another level should a bathroom, toilet or kitchen be chosen to be installed within the loft. Extra weight considerations for structure and flooring all must considered. With extra waste pipe work including the toilet waste pipe straight into drainage.

Overall Insulation

Keeping heating within any part of the building is an important factor not just for energy bills for reducing the CO2 impact. Using the correct boarding within the rafters can help in such cases, as well as adding sound deadening quilts to help with sound insulation.

Staircase Access To The Loft

This could be as simple as a loft ladder to a more complex set of stairs built into the property. But a clear measurement of the real space that is required will need to be calculated. Safety also need to factor in, who will be accessing the loft, will it be children or more elderly persons? Will the access be practical and safe?

Panning Permission

Most houses should be able to go ahead without planning permission, should no “external building work” be necessary. But if the project requires external building work, will affect the quality of life of the neighbours or if the property has some sort of historical value, then planning permission may have to be sought.

For more serious conversions then an architect may be essential to do the job correctly, especially where the structure of the house is altered. Not only should the cost be factored in, but the extra time in planning and getting permission.
floor plan loft

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